A Market leader in hydroacoustic systems

We are innovative hydroacoustic experts dedicated to open standards, allowing customers maximum involvement and freedom to operate. Our product portfolio includes sonar solutions, underwater communication systems as well as navigation and multibeam echo sounders.

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German engineering for advanced sonar systems – with 100 years of expertise.

The next significant move in SONAR technology

We no longer think in products but in holistic sonar solutions, completely driven by our customers' needs.

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The most anticipated: new pressure tank at ELAC SONAR!

The acquisition of a new pressure tank provides ELAC SONAR with ample and state of the art capabilities to tackle current and future demands of the Sonar market.

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Members of the German Parliament visited ELAC SONAR

Two members of the German Bundestag, Ingo Gädechens and Dr. Johann Wadephul, both from the Christian Democratic Union party (CDU), visited ELAC SONAR GmbH on Friday, January 13, 2023

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Based in Kiel, we offer you career chances in the hometown of the German Navy with unique access to resources and networks.

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