Members of the German Parliament visited ELAC SONAR

Two members of the German Bundestag, Ingo Gädechens and Dr. Johann Wadephul, both from the Christian Democratic Union party (CDU), visited ELAC SONAR GmbH on Friday, January 13, 2023.

The aim of the visit was to get to know each other and to have an informational talk with the two managing directors of the company, Bernd Szukay and Ole Schneider. An open conversation developed about opportunities and challenges as well as future plans of ELAC SONAR in the context of global maritime security and national regulations. The participation of the medium-sized defence-related naval industry in the 100-Billion-Bundeswehr-Sofortprogramm as well as the export licensing practice were discussed. It was agreed to continue the talks in a loose sequence.

From left to right: Managing Director Bernd Szukay, Member of Parliament Dr. Johann Wadephul, Member of Parliament Ingo Gädechens, Finance Director Ole Schneider.