Pinger Localisation Sonar PILOS 2.0: First Choice for Navies and Shipyards Worldwide

2020 saw another first-class navy choose ELAC SONAR's pinger localisation sonar PILOS 2.0 to equip one of the most modern submarine rescue vessels in the Southeast Asian region. One of the best-performing hydroacoustic systems in the world in this field, the PILOS 2.0, has already been installed on the vessel and is currently undergoing trials.

When it comes to the sensitive and critical subject of searching for, locating and communicating with stricken submarines, international users rely to a large extent on ELAC SONAR's advanced, up-to-date and reliable technology. Submarines in distress (DISSUB) require extremely fast, effective and reliable search, detection and rescue measures to avoid a loss of the crew. ELAC SONAR's hydroacoustic equipment has an outstanding detection range and sensitivity and, as a hull-mounted system, can operate reliably even in extreme weather and sea conditions where other systems cannot be deployed. These features save valuable time and are vital in minimising risk to crew.

In the past years, ELAC SONAR has delivered approximately 10 PILOS systems, including the associated hydroacoustic equipment, such as ELAC multibeam sonars and ELAC underwater communication systems, to first-class navies in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia as well as to renowned submarine yards.

The success of the unrivalled pinger localisation sonar PILOS 2.0, inside which the latest technology of Sphere® is already running, and its reliable companion devices Multibeam System SB series and Underwater Telephone UT 3000 2G proves that international navies and submarine yards do not compromise when it comes to the survival of their crews in the event of a submarine accident.

ELAC SONAR has many years of high competence in this field.